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The disadvantage of people not understanding the past is that they do not understand the present.

G K Chesterton

History is perhaps more popular than ever before as people discover not only the joys of a good historical story but also its importance in understanding the world and its people today.

All pupils at Oakham study History until the end of Form 3 (Year 9). It is a popular choice at GCSE and at A-level and in the IB Diploma.

The History Department delivers a broad and exciting curriculum that stimulates pupils’ enthusiasm. The talented and eclectic staff members take real pleasure in the study and sharing of their subject; lively and intelligent teaching is complemented by a wide range of trips, visits, workshops and lectures that help bring history to life.

Pupils studying History not only learn the subject but also gain invaluable transferrable skills, such as research, assimilation, comprehension and analysis of material; the formulation of reasoned interpretation, and the development of an ability to communicate clear and coherent judgements.

Many Oakhamians choose to study History at university level and we provide thorough preparation for this through extension classes, including Oxbridge preparation.