"Geography is the subject that holds the key to our future"Michael Palin (1943-) English comedian, actor, writer and television presenter.

Two of the most important issues facing the world today are climate change and globalisation; both of them are explored in Geography. To study Geography is to learn about the issues that affect us and the world on a daily basis. Simply look at the news and you will realise that nearly every item is related to Geography in some way.

At Oakham the Geography Department is busy, innovative and full of enthusiastic geographers, both students and staff. The Department offers a practical, enquiry-based approach to learning, with the aim of encouraging students to become geographers by making use of our excellent resources, fieldwork and study visits. A wide range of field trips to interesting locations ensure that students of all ages are able to apply and enhance their classroom knowledge.

Our 9-strong team have a wide range of interests within the broader subject and the Department is active in local and national geographical organisations. A Geography Society is run by and for International Baccalaureate and A-level students, which invites guest speakers from Higher Education and industry, as well as putting on geographical quizzes and film nights.

Geography is studied by nearly all to GCSE, with around 70 pupils opting for the subject post-16. All students make frequent use of our wide-ranging interactive resources. However, we do stress that direct experience of being geographers through fieldwork is integral to all studies.

Our results are excellent and this is reflected in the high numbers of our students who choose to continue Geography after leaving Oakham. In preparation for this, we provide extra study classes and Oxbridge interview experience.

Howard Collison

Head of Geography