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Nothing is as old as today’s newspaper, but Homer is new and fresh this morning.

Charles Péguy

Latin and Greek have been taught at Oakham School continuously for over four hundred years, and in the 21st century Classics remains intensely relevant to the modern world. The study of Latin and Greek brings many benefits for pupils’ everyday lives and educational development. It enables pupils to develop their vocabulary, both in English and other languages which derive words from Latin; to learn how to express themselves lucidly and effectively; to respond critically to information; to learn analytical skills through studying a logical grammar; and to engage with some of the finest literature ever written, which still holds the power to move us so many centuries later.

Latin is studied by all pupils in Forms 1 and 2, and may be chosen for study in Form 3, then subsequently at GCSE, A-level or in the IB Diploma.

Greek may be chosen for study in Form 4 at GCSE, and continued for A-level or in the IB Diploma.

Whether it is reading how Odysseus escaped the murderous Cyclops or how 300 soldiers held off an ancient superpower, Classical Civilisation offers pupils the opportunity to interact with some of the most fascinating and intriguing aspects of the ancient world. Myths, art, drama, archaeology and history all play a part in this wide-ranging subject.

Classical Civilisation may be chosen at GCSE without any prior study, and no Latin or Greek is involved. It may also be taken up as a new subject at A-level without prior study.