Supporting Academic Progress

To ensure that pupils are making the right progress in all their subjects, we provide support in a variety of ways.

Supportive Tutors

Each pupil has his or her own tutor, who plays an important role in helping them to fulfil personal goals and keep on track with their work. Our small tutorial groups and regular tutorial meetings enable tutors to get to know their tutees very well, so they are well placed to help with any issues – academic or pastoral – that may arise.

Academic Mentoring

We consider it essential that students with a particular interest and ability in an academic field are able to develop fully. We offer participation in scholarly events and departmental societies, and mentoring schemes whereby individuals are paired with older and younger students, and with specialist teachers, to explore their areas of intellectual passion beyond the classroom.

Key to all this is our Senior Academic Mentor, who guides the intellectual development of our most academically able pupils throughout their school careers; from helping them to identify and expand their academic interests through guided reading and discussion via the Scholars Society, to equipping students to make strong applications, including guidance for any admissions tests, to the top universities in the UK, including Oxford and Cambridge Universities.

Tracking Performance

Tracking performance, through detailed assessment and target setting by both teachers and pupils, is an essential way to understand progress towards personal goals. If we think there is an issue that may hamper a pupil’s success, we will flag this up immediately and take remedial action.

We keep in regular contact with parents through Housemasters/Housemistresses and tutors and also more formally via Progress Reports (PRs) that are published twice a term and an annual parents evening for each year group.

We use the CEM MidYIS and ALIS tests as an effective means of analysing pupil potential and progress, to set targets and to scrutinise public examination results.

Darren Sheppard

Darren Sheppard

Senior Academic Mentor

I have been Senior Academic Mentor since September 2015. The role is a development of my previous role as Master of Scholars, and involves responsibility for overseeing and encouraging the progress of pupils holding an academic award, and also the Oxbridge process. I was Head of Religion and Philosophy for nine years, having joined the School in 2005. In addition I am a tutor in the Upper School. I hold a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Warwick, following an MA in Continental Philosophy and a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Literature (First Class).