Learning in the Middle School (13-16 yrs)

Building on the excellent foundations established in the Lower School, we offer a wealth of opportunities and challenges for our Middle School pupils. Whilst the attainment of excellent results in public examinations is very much the focus of these years, we also aim to equip our pupils with skills, knowledge and experiences that go beyond the exam syllabus to prepare them for their post-16 studies and beyond.

In Form 3 we provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which develops pupils’ academic skills and allows them to explore their own specific interests and strengths. The Learning Habits are specifically reinforced through the Form 3 Project – a cross-curricular series of events and activities that provide pupils with opportunities to work outside the classroom, to tackle problems in teams, and to develop and improve communication and leadership skills. There is a plethora of exciting and challenging experiences on offer, including:

  • touring the First World War battlefields in France;
  • camping for three days at Rutland Water;
  • completing a Library-led independent research project;
  • staging a play in a single day.

In Forms 4 and 5 most pupils study 10 subjects at GCSE or IGCSE, with a mix of compulsory and optional courses and they build wider skills through:

  • sport;
  • activities;
  • one of our three Service Options (the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (D of E), Combined Cadet Force (CCF), Voluntary Action (VA);
  • the Form 4 Project – a 2-day project enabling pupils to further develop their team-working, research and presentation skills, and to increase their national and international awareness.

Our excellent careers guidance formally begins during these years, which, in tandem with the academic and extra-curricular activities in place, helps pupils to develop greater self-knowledge and prepare them well to make their post-16 choices.

Middle School Guide

James Robinson

James Robinson

Deputy Head (Co-Curricular)

Having joined Oakham in 2013 as Head of German and then being appointed Head of Middle School, I was delighted to be appointed Deputy Head Co-Curricular. Following a career as a professional classical singer, I entered the teaching profession at the age of 30. As a former Head of German, Housemaster and Master in Charge of Rowing at King’s Ely, I feel well placed to be overseeing the whole school experience for all pupils. I have two energetic children, Freddie and Annabelle. I remain passionate about opera and German Lieder, and maintain a love for skiing and cooking.