Learning at Oakham

"We are encouraged to think for ourselves; passivity is not an option."Current Pupil


Oakham has always been a school that strives to marry innovation with the best of traditional approaches.

Our vision is to nurture pupils who, by the time they leave School:

  • are intellectually ambitious thinkers;
  • are effective and independent learners;
  • possess the knowledge, skills and habits of mind to succeed and thrive.

Like many schools, we are able to help our pupils to achieve outstanding results in their examinations; the Oakham difference is that our holistic educational philosophy teaches our pupils how to take their studies further and rise to the intellectual challenges that they will encounter in their later lives.

The Learning Habits at Oakham programme underpins our teaching and learning and ensures that academic excellence flourishes alongside a strong tradition in the Arts, Music and Sport. This is best seen through our unique Lower School Programme, the wealth of opportunities and challenges we provide for our Middle School pupils, and the choice we offer our Upper School students between the IB Diploma and A-levels.

We have exceptional learning resources: well-equipped classrooms, a university standard library, state-of-the-art Science and Design Technology facilities, 40 acres of outstanding sports pitches, plus our own theatre and art gallery. Our newly built Social Sciences Faculty and proposed extensions to the Music and Drama facilities reflect our ongoing commitment to providing the very best learning environment for our students.

Providing excellent facilities is only one part of the story; at Oakham we believe that the very best education can only come from being part of an outstanding community of learners – pupils, teachers and parents. This is exemplified by:

  • our commitment to providing professional development and research into the best pedagogical practice through participation in the University of Cambridge’s CamStar initiative;
  • our cross-curricular projects that see whole year groups and, on an annual basis, the whole School uniting to investigate and explore a specific theme.

We are proud to offer such a rich and varied curriculum at Oakham; one that develops the potential of all our pupils and provides the building blocks for them to lead productive, creative and rewarding lives.