Results 2019

Oakham School Results 2019

Results highlights

  • 48% of all exams were awarded A* or A or equivalent (A-level, IB Diploma, BTEC and Pre-U)
  • An impressive 53 students gained straight A*-A grades or equivalent – 24 in their A-level, BTEC and Pre-U courses, and 29 IB Diploma students.
  • 142 A* or A grades (or equivalent) were awarded at A-level, BTEC and in the Pre-U
  • Oakhamians have been awarded an impressive 170 of the top ‘9’ grades, in this year’s GCSE examinations – a 9% increase on last year’s results. 

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It is an excellent year for examination results at Oakham School, with 53 students celebrating after achieving straight A*-A grades or equivalent. The 24 Oakhamians who received their straight A*-A grades (or equivalent) in their A-level, BTEC and Pre-U courses today join the 29 students from the IB Diploma cohort who achieved the equivalent of this fantastic achievement back in July.

Overall, an impressive 48% of all exams taken by our Form 7 (Year 13) - in their A-levels, Pre-U, BTEC, or the IB Diploma - were awarded A* or A grades or equivalent.  Just focusing on today alone, a staggering 142 A* or A grades (or equivalent) were awarded to our A-level, Pre-U and BTEC students.

Our university success this year is outstanding, with students having secured places to study at some of the leading universities across the UK and overseas. These include three students going to Oxbridge, and students going to Imperial, LSE, UCL, King’s College London, Durham, Edinburgh, and St Andrews. A number of students have secured much-coveted places in Ivy League and other US universities and colleges, as well as some of the best European universities.

“These excellent results, and the exceptional university pathways they have unlocked, are a testament to the hard work and efforts of our students and staff,” says retiring Headmaster Nigel Lashbrook. “Our award-winning Careers Department, who work tirelessly to guide students through the complexity of post-18 decisions – from what course to study, which university to choose, or which apprenticeship to apply for – are a superb resource for all Oakhamians.”

Whilst the overall results picture is excellent, there have been particular highlights with 70% of students who studied History being awarded an A* or A or equivalent (at A-level and in the IB Diploma), along with 64% of Geographers and 61% of Economists. 

“We are immensely proud of each and every one of our students; not just those who have achieved the top grades,” says Oakham’s Head of Upper School, Simone Lorenz-Weir. “Their results are made even more impressive by the fact that whilst our students have been dedicated to their academic studies they have also been deeply committed to a huge range of other areas of school life. They have been playing sport at county, club and national level, winning national STEM awards such as TeenTech, garnering accolades at Model United Nations, as well as dazzling audiences with their musical and acting talents.”

Nigel Lashbrook concludes that “regardless of whether the structure of exams has been successfully changed, or if the grading boundaries are under debate, one thing remains resolutely the same: education is about so much more than examinations. Results days mark the culmination of our students’ learning journey. Oakhamians are now embarking on the next stage of their lives, equipped with a wide range of skills, aptitudes and abilities that they have honed during the astonishing array of experiences and opportunities they have encountered during their time at Oakham – both inside and outside of the classroom.”