Purpose and Values


Our Purpose is to teach our pupils knowledge, skills and values to thrive and confidently contribute at Oakham School and beyond. Our four core values of Care, Courage, Contribution and Connection represent qualities that we wish to inspire and instil in all our pupils and that will guide them throughout their lives. 


Care lies at the heart of everything we do at Oakham. We teach our pupils to show care for themselves and for others; to have a sense of pride in what they do and to take care in everyday tasks and opportunities.


Contribution is about how pupils can contribute in every aspect of their life, whether in lessons or outside the classroom. Pupils shape the School by what they contribute and learn to value the contribution of everyone around them. 


Teaching our pupils to have courage inspires them to try new things, take on new challenges, and excel in things they may have never believed they could. Above all, we want our pupils to have the courage to be themselves, whatever that may be.


We encourage pupils to make connections in all aspects of their education and lives - in their academic work, co-curricular activities, and in their relationships with others and the wider community.