No hables a menos que puedas mejorar el silencio.Jorge Luis Borges

La lengua es la piel del alma. Fernando Lázaro Carreter (1923–2004) Spanish linguist, journalist and literary critic

Predicted to be the leading and “most important language for the workers of the future” in a recent British Council study, we are proud that Spanish is a popular choice at Oakham. Our Department is a vibrant and welcoming learning environment and one that has a team of dynamic teachers, both vastly experienced and fresh to the profession, all dedicated to providing that irresistible learning experience for your child and ensuring his or her place in the international global arena.

We offer pupils the opportunity to begin what we hope will be a life-long love affair with all things Spanish in Form 2. Pupils taking their Spanish through to IGCSE are encouraged by our consistently superb exam grades (A*–A 97%, A*–B 100% in 2015) and this might account for us having almost 70 pupils taking Spanish in the Upper School. At this level students can choose between A-level or IB Spanish, the latter being an increasingly popular option for students not only to continue their Spanish at Higher and Standard Levels but starting from scratch with the ab initio course.

Our 8-strong team, aided by 2 Spanish conversation class teachers, deliver our exciting courses to all year groups using the latest interactive resources, as well as a wealth of materials gathered over the years. This includes our impressive departmental library, with children’s literature and short stories through to classic, authentic texts.

Beyond the classroom, to broaden our students’ linguistic and cultural knowledge, we run a two-night ‘lightning visit’ to Spain for Form 6 pupils and an annual Study Trip for Form 7 students for a full week of immersion.

In addition we offer a rich and varied programme of extra-curricular activities, including visits from outside speakers, film nights and participation in national competitions.

Those students with Oxbridge aspirations are provided with additional support. Extra classes to cover further grammar and the study of literary texts are timetabled in. We have also developed links with prestigious Higher Educational establishments in order to offer Oxbridge interview experience.

Cameron Pauls

Cameron Pauls

Head of Spanish

I have been in the teaching profession for 22 years, before that I spent time living and working in Spain in city of Salamanca and Málaga. My studies include a BA (Hons) European Studies with Spanish, a PGCE, and an MA in Linguistics from the University of Leeds.

The Art of Tapas

Form 6 A-level students of Spanish, Poppy, Polly, Lotte, Georgina and Sidonie played hosts to their parents on Friday with a ‘degustación’. 

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