Learning Support

If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.Ignacio Estrada

The Learning Support Department comprises 5 specialist teachers, who work closely with subject teachers and Tutors with the aim of maximising the performance of students in School. Housed in a new, purpose-built suite of classrooms boasting the latest technology, the Department provides a space for pupils who require additional support with their studies. In addition to the well-resourced Learning Support classrooms, students have their own study room, which offers a calm, quiet and purposeful atmosphere in which to work.

Parents need to make the School aware of any learning difficulties at the initial enquiry stage and to provide copies of assessments that have been carried out. With open discussion we will be better able to consider the likely needs and the best interests of each child.

Learning Support at Oakham is offered in a variety of ways: through small group teaching, individual lessons or in-class support. In Forms 1–3 support is primarily offered in small groups in lieu of Latin and/or a second modern language option.

In Forms 4 and 5, students with a documented Specific Learning Difficulty, identified by a specialist, are offered support on an individual or paired basis. For some students it is appropriate to reduce the number of GCSEs studied so that learning support can be offered within their working week alongside some supervised study time in the library.

In Forms 6 and 7, students are welcome to access Learning Support either on a regular basis or on an occasional basis according to need.

To view the charges for individual weekly Learning Support and Terms and Conditions click here.

If you have any concerns about a child already in School, in the first instance, please contact your child’s Tutor.

Kate Hill

Kate Hill

Head of Learning Support

I joined Oakham in 2004 as a Learning Support teacher, having previously worked at a number of local schools as a peripatetic Special Needs teacher and with the Hearing Impaired Service in Leicestershire. I have been Head of Learning Support since 2011. I am a tutor in Haywoods House and I enjoy hillwalking and singing in a variety of choral groups.