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LGBTQ+ glossary for parents

Date Posted: Thursday 16 Apr 2015

LGBTQ+ flag

Pokémon Go: a parent's guide

Date Posted: Wednesday 20 Jul 2016

Everything you need to know about Pokémon Go, including concerns for parents and safety tips

Pokemon Go

WhatsApp: a guide for parents and carers

Date Posted: Monday 2 Nov 2015

Teenagers love WhatsApp – as do a lot of parents. Here's what parents need to know about it

A parents guide to WhatsApp

Why media images can ruin girls’ lives

Date Posted: Wednesday 22 Apr 2015

Are images of women in the media that focus entirely on physical appearance affecting girls’ future?


Helping your child cope with media coverage of traumatic events

Date Posted: Wednesday 9 Nov 2016

With graphic images being shown on the front pages of newspapers and on daily news bulletins, even very young children are exposed to upsetting information. 

Terrorism and trauma helping children cope

What is Minecraft?

Date Posted: Tuesday 28 Apr 2015

Minecraft: what parents need to know

Talking to your teenager about consent

Date Posted: Wednesday 18 Apr 2018

Advice and tips on understanding what consent means.

Talk about consent

5 ways the internet can help you enjoy family time together

Date Posted: Wednesday 27 Jan 2016

Setting parental controls on Netflix and using Google Maps to explore are just two of the ways tech can help you enjoy time together as a family. Read our top tips for parents

family looking at a laptop screen and smiling

Setting filters on YouTube

Date Posted: Wednesday 4 Jun 2014

YouTube's SafetyMode allows parents to restrict the content their children see. Here's our quick guide to setting it up


Young people and suicide: if your child tries to take their life

Date Posted: Thursday 4 Sep 2014

Ged Flynn of Papyrus, the national charity dedicated to the prevention of young suicide, outlines what parents need to know if their child tries to take their life

Bench silhouette

Why our school system needs to change

Date Posted: Tuesday 6 Aug 2019

Lord Jim Knight, the Chief Education Adviser at Tes Global explains how technology can help schools take a more collaborative and rigorous approach to children’s wellbeing and learning.

Blackboard with the letters A B and C

How do I know if social media posts are sponsored?

Date Posted: Monday 18 Nov 2019

Dr. Eva A. van Reijmersdal and Dr. Esther Rozendaal share their insight on how to spot paid-for social media posts.

Two teens looking at their phones

Why you should talk openly with children about sex and relationships

Date Posted: Thursday 3 Oct 2019

It’s hard to keep pace with our children’s digital lives. But there is something you can do that will help safeguard your children. Something that will support their mental health and, in the process, strengthen your connection to them. You can involve yourself in your children’s sex education. You can start the conversation.

Two people holding hands

When to talk to your child about puberty (or will school take care of it)?

Date Posted: Monday 6 Jul 2015

Sex and relationships education (SRE): a parent's guide for primary school age children

When teens share nudes

Date Posted: Tuesday 27 Aug 2019

‘Nudes’ is the term most young people use to describe self-taken naked or semi-naked photographs or videos which are often shared online. Parent Info looks into this type of image sharing.

Safer Internet Day 2019: How to help your child be kind to others online

Date Posted: Tuesday 5 Feb 2019

Here are some things you can do to teach your child to be kind and respectful online and to expect this from others. 

A parent's guide to vlogging

Date Posted: Thursday 3 Dec 2015

How to know your Zoellas from your PewDiePies in the world of vlogging

video camera on a pink background

Staying safe on Minecraft

Date Posted: Tuesday 28 Apr 2015

Tips for parents on helping your child make the most of Minecraft

What is female genital mutilation and why does it happen?

Date Posted: Monday 1 Sep 2014

130 million women worldwide are living with the impact of female genital cutting, also known as female genital mutilation (FGM). Here's what you need to know