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We are always keen to hear from OOs, and often will use this information in the Old Oakhamian magazine. Please send your news and stories by email to the OO Office or call 01572 758599.

Old Oakhamian President's Dinner 2019

Old Oakhamians gathered from across the UK to attend the annual Old Oakhamian President’s Dinner, which this year took place in the Barraclough Dining Hall at the School.

OO President Kat Klohe Chats To 7th Formers About Life During And Since Oakham

Kat Klohe (OO ’07) visited the Social Science Faculty on Friday before the OO President’s dinner to share her experience of Oakham School, her life experience after Oakham and to raise awareness of neglected tropical diseases and how they hamper the development of Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs).

Oakham School welcomed back 9 Old Oakhamians last weekend to take on the current 1st VII netball team in a battle of ‘youth versus experience’. 

Oakham School is delighted to both celebrate and commemorate Old Oakhamian Dolores Sanders’ success in being named one of Innovate UK’s ‘Women in Innovation Award’ winners – with a fantastic plaque unveiled in her honour outside the Smallbone Library!

Summer Job Opportunity - Oakham School Telephone Campaign 2019
As part of our plans to engage with OOs and parents across the UK and around the world, the Oakham School Foundation is seeking the help of recent Old Oakhamian leavers to take part in this summer’s Telephone Campaign between 12 and 24 August.

Current Old Oakhamian President, Ben Walsgrove (87) and OO Chairman, Jon Wills hosted a magnificent Black Tie Dinner for over fifty guests with a Back to School theme on Saturday 24 November.

‘Well-rounded’, ‘open-minded’ and ‘fun loving’ are familiar attributes among Oakhamians, but it would be a challenge to find a person who encompasses these qualities more than Jon Wills, who is retiring after 38 years of service to the School.

Today marks 100 years since the death of OOs John Hugh Jerwood MC and Christopher Francis Atter who were killed in action on the Western Front.
Old Oakhamian Lydia Farley (06), a former Textile student who has gone on to enjoy success in various film projects, returned to the School to offer advice to current students eager to break into the industry.
Oakham School welcomed back over 25 Old Oakhamians last weekend to take on the current 1st and 2nd XI Football teams in a battle of 'youth versus experience'
Old Oakhamians gathered from across the world to attend the annual London Dinner, which this year took place at the splendid Kensington Roof Gardens.

Old Oakhamian and GB's Olympic Gold medallist Crista Cullen talks about her time at School, her pathway to sporting success and plans for the future.

Oakham's Drama Scholars were fortunate to not only watch Greg Hicks OO (71) star in Richard III this weekend at the Arcola Theatre, but to also meet him following the performance.

We are absolutely delighted that Old Oakhamian Kathryn Lane has been named as part of the Tokyo Olympic Hockey Squad.

On a beautiful summer’s day in June the OO Club hosted a 40-year Reunion in BAF........