Face Visor Disclaimer

Key information about our face visors:

  • The face visors that we at Oakham School have, and continue to, produce have not undergone the standard testing requirements as set by the NHS or British Standards guidance as to PPE for healthcare workers. 
  • We believe that the product we have made to date is fine for interactions which observe physical distancing (e.g. across the counter, at reception, ordinary consultations), but that we wouldn’t want to say it would be fit for surgery or close care situations.
  • We recommend that people wearing and using our visors should conduct their own risk assessment prior to wearing these visors.  They should also still be wearing breathing masks and safety glasses when using them.
  • We also suggest that the visors are not really designed for multiple usage, they are disposable, and some parts can be recycled.
  • The visors we have produced, and continue to produce, are all at the request of hospitals and Key Workers contacting the school.
  • They have been made in the School by volunteers (wearing gloves & masks). 
  • Should any of the end-users require any further information about the face visors, in order to make an informed decision regarding their production/safety, they can contact us and ask for a copy of the technical specification at