The Dumb Waiter impresses audiences

Harold Pinter’s The Dumb Waiter was an excellent foil to the Main School Production, Chicago. Pinter’s mysterious and satisfying little gem of a play was staged in Old School and whereas Chicago ‘wowed’ with jazz, The Dumb Waiter impressed audiences with great performances from actors mature beyond their years.

Old School was a superb setting to recreate the play, with the audience seated on single rows facing each other, more or less in the midst of the action. The audience were never truly able to sit comfortably, thanks to the unnerving staging, sound and lighting effects, combined with Zsolti’s truly disturbing portrayal of the “senior partner” and Tom’s equally excellent depiction of Gus. This is before the two “heroes” are joined by the third character in the title role – the dumb waiter itself – which assumes the role of a diabolus ex Machina.

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