Outstanding performances by Oakham athletes at the Achilles Relays

Oakham School athletes performed outstandingly at the recent Achilles Schools’ Relays in Oxford. Out of 12 relay events, Oakham’s teams won 7 Golds and 5 were placed second. There were also 7 confirmed School records and 5 new Achilles records, making our pupils some of the fastest independent school athletes in the country.

Assistant Director of Sport Mr Trefon Vandoros said, “ It was the most extraordinary day of track running. Teamwork, passion, celebration! We could not have planned it more perfectly. Each performance called on the next team to perform better than the one before! Each team celebrated the extraordinary finishes of not just the last runner but every runner before them. Every runner ran to the finish line like their lives depended on it.”

Below are the results. 

U15 Girls 4x100 1st / 51.2 School Record & New Achilles Record

E.Bell, A.Smith, S.Blackman, S.Kaczmar

U17 Girls 4x100 1st / 50.7 School Record

E.Smith, A.Smith, M.Bairstow, S.Barrett

U17 Boys 4x100 1st / 43.8 School Record (Also equals the Senior Boys School Record) & New Achilles Record

F.Powell, E.Powell, T.Cousins, O.Osuji

U20 Girls 4x100 2nd / 49.7 School Record

E.Skinner, A.Dudin, I.Skelton, B.Malyon 

U15 Girls 4x200 1st / 1:49.9 New School Record & New Achilles Record

A.Smith, O.Courtman, S.Kaczmar, S. Barrett.

U20 Girls 4x200 2nd / 1.46.0 New School Record

E.Skinner, A.Dudin, I.Skelton, B.Malyon 

U17 Boys 4x200 2nd / time tbc

E.Jackson, F.Fairman, E.Powell, F.Powell

U15 Girls 3x800 1st / 7:33.1 School Record & Achilles Record

Betsy and Bibi Healey and Olivia Courtman 

U20 Boys 4x800 2nd / 8:20

P.Braybrook, O.Ricketts, R.Rodell, R.Rodell

U17 Boys 4x400 2nd / time tbc 

F.Powell, E.Powell, F.Fairman, O.Osuji

U20 Girls 4x400 1st / 3:57.1 Achilles record & school record

H.Braybrook, I.Skelton, E.Smith, M.Bairstow

U20 Boys 4x400 1st / time tbc

P.Braybrook, D.Mushonga, C.Leung, P.Augustine-Ohwo


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