Oakham engineers awarded the ‘Best Teamworking’ prize for their work in the Industrial Cadets Gold scheme

A group of Form 6 Oakham engineers have been awarded the ‘Best Teamworking’ prize for their work in the Industrial Cadets Gold Engineering for the East Midlands. 

Industrial Cadets is an engineering scheme, which links Form 6 pupils with companies where they work on real-life, scientific, engineering and technology projects.  

Inan, Markus, Obi, Khatoon, Thomas and Harriet won the accolade whilst working with local engineering firm Mecc Alte, the world’s largest independent producer of alternators. The pupils have been working on a system to improve alignment during the assembly of two main components, Rotor and Stator. They visited Mecc Alte at the very start of the project and have been communicating with their engineers throughout. 

In addition to teamwork, the team have developed a variety of skills including organisation and planning, creativity, innovation and digital skills.  

Form 6 pupil Thomas said, “I found the experience interesting and it was good to be of use to a professional company by solving a real life-problem.” 

Head of Design and Technology Mr Tim Weston said, “I am delighted for the students. They have worked together excellently, and their success is well deserved. Challenges such as the Industrial Cadets Gold project prepare them for what life is like as a working engineer and I am proud that they were recognised for their teamwork skills which are such a valuable asset in the working world.” 

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