Inspectors rate Oakham 'Excellent'

Oakham School has been given ‘top marks’ in its latest inspection report from the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI), with the quality of education at Oakham being rated ‘Excellent’ – the highest rating schools can be awarded.

“I am delighted with the two headline judgements of ‘Excellent’ for ‘Pupils’ Achievements’ and ‘Personal Development’,” says Headmaster Henry Price. “This really does reflect the abilities and all-round commitment of our pupils, guided and supported by our staff.”

The report was published this week following an inspection in early November when a team of nine inspectors from the ISI visited Oakham to undertake a thorough three-day review. The inspection looked at all aspects of Oakham’s educational provision. This includes our compliance with national regulations in matters such as the welfare of pupils, the suitability of boarding accommodation and the quality of leadership and management – where the School has, as required, ‘met’ all standards. 

The inspectors rated the ‘Education Quality’ at Oakham as ‘Excellent’, based on the quality of pupils’ academic and other achievements. The report outlined that pupils “reach high levels of achievement”, “make rapid progress” and are “well prepared for the next stage of their lives”. 

“There is much to celebrate in the Education Quality report, and it is a very positive affirmation of what we do at Oakham when inspectors describe our pupils as “keen to learn and ambitious to succeed”,” says Henry. “As educators and parents, we want our children to be happy, but also curious and intellectually motivated; I am delighted that this has been recognised and praised.”

The inspectors also acknowledged the ‘excellence’ in the quality of pupils’ personal development. It describes the pupils’ “high levels of self-confidence, self-esteem and awareness of others”, as well as praising pupils for being “polite and well-mannered”. In addition, the report outlines how Oakhamians “demonstrate a strong moral stance” and their “social development and contributions to their local community and further afield are exemplary”.

“Phrases such as these are a particular highlight for me, as they articulate the immeasurable, yet vital qualities that are an intrinsic part of our education, and of timeless value at school and beyond,” adds Henry.

“It has been an extremely good start to the academic year,” concludes Henry, who joined the School this September. “With an ‘Excellent’ inspection rating and a shortlisting for the Tes ‘Educational initiative of the Year’ award, Oakham continues to prove its excellence at a local level and on a national stage. I am looking forward to working with our pupils and parents, staff and Trustees, to build further upon these successes; and to keep fostering these important skills, values and qualities in all of our of children.”

The full report can be read here

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