Writing a thriller with author Saci Lloyd
saci-lloyd-author-library-oakham-schoolWriting a thriller with author Saci Lloyd
14 December 2015

Dystopian novelist Saci Lloyd visited Oakham to speak to pupils in Third and Fourth Forms about a whole array of fascinating topics, all with the aim of getting them to think creatively about writing a thriller.

Saci’s visit came hot on the heels of Joe Craig’s talk the previous day. Pupils had plenty of opportunities to get involved in Saci’s interactive session, which involved coming up with ideas about what makes a good thriller, what the characters’ backstories might be, and what might be happening at different moments in the story.

In her books, Saci focuses on what the future might hold, with technology becoming part of our very being. When these themes were combined with the stories created by the pupils, it led to some impressive results.
Writing a thriller with author Saci Lloyd 

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