World-famous economist inspires students

World-famous economist Dr Ha-Joon Chang visited Oakham School to give an insightful lecture to a large audience of Economics students from across Rutland.

Dr Ha-Joon Chang, who is currently a reader in the Political Economy of Development at the University of Cambridge and the author of 15 books, gave an inspiring lecture on the economics profession and how state intervention can help economic growth.

He spoke to a packed-out audience; with over 100 of Oakham’s Economics students being joined by other local students from Uppingham School and Harington School.

During his talk, Dr Chang advised students to remember “it is not about the theory, but about ‘real numbers’ theory, in economics or elsewhere, can explain everything, so we need to let a hundred flowers bloom.” (i.e. listening to everyone’s different ideas) 

“This was a perfectly timed talk as students were able to deepen their knowledge of economic concepts, as well as garnering a lot of information that will certainly come in use in their exams,” says Sam Janes, Teacher of Economics at Oakham School.  “The lecture covered a broad range of economic theory and concepts, providing great insights for both our IB Diploma Programme and A-level students.”

At the end there was a 30 minute Question and Answer session which saw students ask some probing questions about Globalisation, Ethics and Brexit.  Afterwards, nine Oakham students had the honour of hosting Dr Chang for a meal – where they were able to learn more, first-hand, about his opinions on, and knowledge of, economics.

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