Willard Wigan MBE brings microscopic sculptures to Oakham

Willard-Wigan-talkWillard Wigan MBE brings microscopic sculptures to Oakham
20 November 2015

Celebrated micro-sculptor Willard Wigan, famed for his awe-inspiring work that fits inside the eye of a needle or on top of a pinhead, gave a talk at Oakham School as part of Fear & Fantasy week.

Speaking to a spellbound audience, Willard recounted how he began making his miniscule works of art when he was a small child, making homes for ants out of wood shavings. His mother encouraged his talent, telling him, “The smaller the sculpture, the bigger your name will be.” Having endured a difficult time at school, Willard was inspired to work hard and hone his craft, believing that he could have a successful future in spite of what his teachers said.

willard-wigan-2Willard also took the time to explain exactly how he made his tiny sculptures, which are only visible through a microscope. Working at the dead of night, he can only sculpt in between heartbeats to reduce hand tremors. Each piece can take between 5 and 7 weeks. His work is so astounding, it has been called ‘the eighth wonder of the world’.

willard-wigan-3Student Becky Haley said, “Willard spoke honestly about his past with confidence, capturing the hearts of the audience and inspiring with his words. Whilst coming across so down to earth, Willard left the whole room awestruck when he spoke of how his creations were made. With the air of a magician, he spoke of plucking floating fibres from the air, carving fragments of sand and painting his sculptures with a hair from the body of a fly.”

Willard also brought in examples of his work, which were in pods with built-in microscopes, to show the audience.


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