Wharflands win Steeplechase trophy

Congratulations to Wharflands House, who swept the board at the annual interhouse Steeplechase winning the Junior, Inter and the Senior races.

Nearly 300 boys took part in the event, which took place in the grounds at Oakham School.  The distance of the Junior race was 3.2km and the Inter and Senior races were 4.8km.

Despite incredibly hot weather creating tough conditions, the challenging race was ideal for teamwork and camaraderie with the boys helping each other over the finish line.

Assistant Director of Sport (Boys), Tref Vandoros, said, “The effort put in by the runners on the field, together with the great support from those on the sidelines, was a really positive reflection of House Spirit. Hats off to our winning runners, but also to those who pushed hard and created a competitive edge to the race. The pupils who found the race tough test of their endurance, but who fought to the end, also have our praise. A huge thank you to all the marshals and helpers that ensured a smooth and pleasant competition.”

Photo credit to Form 5 pupil Luca Martin.



  Juniors Inters Seniors Overall
BW 2nd (4) 3rd (3) 3rd (3) 2nd (10)
CL 3rd (3)) 4th (2) 2nd (4) 3rd (9)
C 4th (2) 5th (1) 4th (2) 5th (5)
H 5th (1) 2nd (4) 5th (1) 4th (6)
W 1st (5) 1st (5) 1st (5) 1st =(15)
Winners BW CL BW BW & W
1st Place  Fabian (W) Peter (W) Henry (C)  
2nd Place Freddie (W) Lennard (H) Will (Cl)  
3rd Place Jake (Cl) Will (Bw) Will (Cl)  

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