Visit by the Dark Lord, aka author Jamie Thomson

Visit by the Dark Lord, aka author Jamie Thomson
7 December 2016

Jamie ThomsonOn Thursday 1st December, the Dark Lord, aka author Jamie Thomson, paid a visit to Oakham School bringing along his Dark Lord Roadshow with which to delight and entertain our Lower School pupils. Year 6 pupils from local primary schools were also invited.

Initially, ideas of what dark lords are and why they might want to take over the world were explored, before pupils were encouraged to practice speaking like the Dark Lord - which went along the lines of, “I am the Dark Lord! Bow down and worship me, you worms! Mwah, hah, hah!” – and then exhorted to insult their neighbours as if they were their greatest enemies. They seemed to find this part particularly rewarding and much impressive mwah, hah, hah-ing was in evidence, especially from a number of boys in the audience during each of the three sessions.

After a peek into the Dark Lord’s chest of skulls and handbag; a glimpse at what the Greys (aliens who make good tech and are extremely bright, if a little wobbly) might look like; and a vote on whether the new forthcoming book covers are more or less attractive than the current ones, pupils were set loose on their unsuspecting teachers, families and the good folk of Oakham to wreak havoc and mayhem – for which we can only apologise profusely.

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