Vikings visit Lower One pupils!

Lower One pupils received some unusual visitors to their lessons on Monday, as the Viking re-enactment group Clan Wulfhar came to Oakham.

Lord Wulfhar and his Viking family and servants spent the morning running workshops on weaponry, domestic life and medicine, including a memorable demonstration of Viking surgery. All the activities were very hands-on, and pupils were encouraged to join in and get a taste of Viking life.

In the afternoon, pupils enjoyed an authentic Viking banquet, with plenty of fruit and cold meats, while they watched the Vikings raise toasts to the gods and quarrel amongst themselves. The quarrel soon escalated into a fully-fledged battle in the middle of the classroom which spilled onto the Jerwoods lawns, as Lord Wulfhar and his family fought for their lives with swords and shields while Lower One cheered for their favourite Viking to triumph.

Overall, it was a fantastic day for the pupils to immerse themselves in Viking history and get a glimpse of life from over a millennium ago.

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