Vibrant Trombone Recital

This week we had the pleasure of hearing Form 7 Oliver playing the trombone. An instrument seldom heard as a featured instrument, this concert was a real treat. The programme started with a modern selection of jazz and Latin-inspired pieces.  Dances with Bears, though short in length, was a virtuosic feature, with it demanding quick scales and great breadth in tone and pitch. This brilliant tone was continued through to the next piece, Bluejohn, an expressive blues-inspired piece requiring both long sustained notes and quick turns. Oliver’s sensitivity as a player was shown even more in A Latin Heart, a piece containing both quiet passages and loud, spiky Latin rhythms. As if he hadn’t already shown enough variety in his repertoire, the concert ended with Weber’s Romance, and romantic it was. The piece is a popular one for the tenor trombone, featuring the whole range and dynamic versatility of the instrument in very sudden and quick changes. To go from playing in a jazz style to a classical one with just as much awareness of the context of the piece takes real musicianship, and Oliver should be much commended for this.

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