University of Nottingham climate change lecture

Students from Form 6 attended a Geography lecture at the University of Nottingham given by Dr. George Swann on Climate Change last week. It was entitled: What’s really happened and should we care?

Dr George Swann is a specialist lecturer in Isotope geochemistry and Paleoclimatology and the topic discussed relates to both the current IB and A-Level syllabus. The Oakhamians contributed to questions at the end of the talk and asked Dr Swann about his theories for combatting climate change.

Teacher of Geography Miss Hannah Campion said, “The pupils really enjoyed the chance to experience a real university lecture. This was also a great opportunity for students considering Geography at university to further develop their interest around the subject." 

Following the success of this trip, the Geography department plan to arrange more visits next year to further increase links with Universities.

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