Unforgettable Social Sciences Trip to the USA

Last October a group of 38 Social Science students from Forms 6 and 7 travelled to New York and Washington DC to visit some of the USA’s finest political and business institutions. They also had the chance to soak up the cultural sights and sounds that these two great cities have to offer.

In New York, the students took part in many activities, including a trip to the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island National Museum. They also visited the 9/11 Memorial, which was a very humbling and moving experience. Their packed itinerary also included a presentation on financial and investment banking at Deutsche Bank New York (on Wall Street), and an opportunity to participate in a stock market simulation, which produced some winners and some very confused losers!

There were also trips to Madison Square Gardens to witness a fierce basketball battle between the New York Nicks and the Detroit Pistons and the Empire State Building, with its fabulous views of New York.

The students then arrived in Washington DC where they visited the White House, which was, to many students’ disappointment not long enough, but they were rewarded with the sight of the Presidential Convoy and the President allegedly waving at them. Other activities the students enjoyed were visits to the World Bank, where they had a talk and the freedom to explore the exhibit, and to the US Capitol, the Supreme Court and the Air and Space Museum.

Form 6 student Ahmad Bashar said of the trip: “It was a truly unforgettable experience. I am so grateful to all the staff who organised such an interesting and insightful trip.”

To view more photos of the trip visit the photo-gallery.

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