TV crew film at Oakham School for BBC Songs of Praise

BBC filmingTV crew film at Oakham School for BBC Songs of Praise
7 April 2016

Oakham was thrilled to welcome a BBC television crew to Oakham to take footage of the School prior to this Sunday’s Songs of Praise School Choir of the Year competition.

They visited earlier in the term to see the choir in action on their home turf as well as giving the students an opportunity to show off their school.

Alva and Will, both members of the Chapel Choir and the Seventh Form, took on the responsibility of presenters. They were tasked with introducing the choir singing in the Chapel, as well as showcasing a couple of key aspects of life at Oakham.

After filming the choir rehearsing, Alva and Will showed the crew around the rest of School, starting with the Library, a great space to talk with some of the Duke of Edinburgh students at Oakham. The students were filmed poring over maps, planning their next exhibition route. If the weather had been a little kinder this would have taken place outside, but it was, in true D of E style blowing a gale outside – so much so the wind could even be heard in the comfort of the library! Many of the members of the choir have either already, or are currently, undertaking one of the D of E awards and were filmed chatting about what they have learnt and the benefit the scheme brings.

Given the School’s great strength and reputation for Art, as well as the fact that many of the Chapel Choir are talented artists, Will and Alva then took the film crew over to the Art department. They only managed to film in one of the many art rooms, due to time, but it was certainly a great opportunity for those artists interviewed to be able to discuss their work.

Whilst we don’t know just how much of this footage will be shown on Sunday night’s semi-final broadcast (BBC One at 4.15pm), we are all certainly looking forward to watching!

You can follow our live updates during the show on Twitter @OakhamSch.

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