Three Generation Old Oakhamians

This month's blog post has been kindly written for the Archives by School Historian, Brian Needham. Mr Needham explores families who have had three generations come to this School. It follows on from our May blog which explored the recent discovery of two four generational families ( 

Booth: Twenty-two students with the Booth surname have attended the school. John David, was the elder brother of Roger Harold (1947-53), sent his two daughters to the school – H. Joanne (1974-79) and Sally J. (1974-77). It was Sally, whose married name was Gaunt, who sent her two children to the school – Lucy (2000-05) and William (2003-09).

William Gaunt in the boy's tennis team.

Brook: Nineteen students by the name of Brooks have attended the school but only one branch seems to have had three generations at the school Charles Edward sent his sons Roger Olivant (1918-23) and Geoffrey Olivant (1919-24) and son Roger sent his son Charles William Olivant (1945-52) who in turn sent his daughter Polly (1991-97).

Bullimore: Eleven by the name Bullimore have attended the school. The first was Francis Granville (1928-31), joined by his brother Ian Thomas (1931-34), who sent his sons Simon d’Arcy (1951-60) and Timothy Kent (1952-61). Simon’s children Jemma (1982-86), Rebecca (1985-87), Alice (1990-95) and Thomas (1994-99) and Timothy’s children, Brett (1985-90) and Ross (1990-95) arrived in their turn.

Churchouse: Seven by the name Churchouse have attended the school and all are related. William King (1903-07) was the first, followed by his brother Patrick Franklin (1910-18), and William King sent his sons Luke (1936-44), Michael John Watson (1936-47) and Peter King (1941-51); Luke’s son Jeremy David King (1964-66) and Michael’s son Paul (1971-78) were the third generation.

Clough: Nine by the name Clough have attended the school. John Henry Harper (1937-41) sent his son Christopher (1970-75) who in turn sent his sons Matthew (2008-13) and Thomas (2013-18).

Dickens: Six by the name of Dickens have attended. David Foster (1955-61) sent his son James Edward (1985-90) and grandson Edward Ellis arrived in 2018.

Eayr: There have been a dozen with the surname of Eayrs at the school. William Freeman (1904-06), Geoffrey Vere (1908-10), Lionel Freeman (1919-21) and Douglas Joyce (1920-26) were brothers, the sons of William Henry and Ann Frances née Freeman. William Freeman sent his son Geoffrey William (1936-40) and Lionel Freeman (1919-21) sent his son Robert Lionel (1963-73). It was Lionel’s three daughters who were the third generation – Sophie (1994-99), Katie (1996-2004) and Lucy (1998-2006).

Fisher: There have been twenty-five with the Fisher surname at the school. The three-generational family was commenced by Patrick John (1923-28) who sent son John Howard (1949-57) but it was his married daughter who in her time could not attend the boys-only school but who sent her children Steven (1975-80), Joanna (1977-82) and Sarah Tideswell (1977-84).

Forryan: All four of the name Forryan who have attended the school are related. The first pair were brothers John Lambert (1940-48) and Warwick Charles (1944-51). Warwick sent his daughter Lisa (1976-83) and son Nicholas (1974-79) to the school but it was his step-son Charles Morley (2012-19) who is the third generation.

Grundy: Six by surname Grundy have attended the school. Denis Norman (1940-41) sent his son Richard (1968-73) who in turn sent his son Thomas R (2004-06).

Heron: All but one of the eight of the Heron name who have attended the school are related. James Golding (1926-33) sent his sons John Maxwell (1969-74) and David (1971-77) and daughter Sarah (1972-76) and Maxwell sent his children Annabel (1996-2003), Thomas (2000-05) and Frances Elizabeth (2000-05).

Humfrey: All but two of the nine Humfrey family who have attended the school are related. Algernon Guise Pargiter (1866-68) and he sent his five sons – Robert Newington Pargiter (1892-96), Albert Alexander Pargiter (1897-98), Douglas Herbert Washington (1902-07), Algernon Charles Mandeville (1902-04) and Stuart Harold Guise (1903-13). It was Stuart who sent his son David Lawrence (1943-53) to the school.

Ingram: John Crosland Ingram (1928-32) sent his son David John (1961-66) but it was his married daughter who sent her children - Juliet Clare (1985-87), James (1986-90) and Josephine (1987-92) Hill. John Crosland was seriously wounded in Normandy in 1944 and his brother Norman James (1932-37) was killed in action in the Gothic Line in Italy in the same year.

The Roll of honour which names Norma James Ingram, brother of John Crosland Ingram.

James: A James boy or girl is a frequent attender at the school, there being three dozen with that name, but the only known three-generational one (just about) was commenced by Peter Ian Douglas (1946-55) who sent his son Bruce (1979-86). However, it was not Bruce but his elder brother Simon (not an Old Oakhamian) who sent his son, Rory (2003-10).

Jerwood: Eight of the Jerwood name attended the school and all were related. At the beginning there were five brothers - Henry Arthur (1888-97), Edward Longsdon (1897-1911), John Hugh (1899-1909), Frederick Harold (1902-05) and Bernard Ellery (1904-1911). It was Frederick Harold who sent Peter Henry (1960-64) but it was Frederick Harold’s other son, Harold Peter (1925-27) who sent the third generation, Peter Henry (1960-64).

Keal: There have been eight by name of Keal attending the school. William (1847-51) sent his son William Morris (1873-81) who sent his son Robert William Gascoigne (1912- ).

Morley: Half-a-dozen of this name have attended the school. George Robert (1945-51) sent his sons Andrew G (1975-82), Robert (1978-86) and daughter Caroline (1972-77).  Andrew sent his son Charles (2012-19).

Newell: Five of the Newell name have attended the school, all of whom attended the school. Philip (1942-45) sent his son Christopher (1967-72) and daughter Jacqueline (1972-77) and Christopher sent his children Adrian (1993-200) and Philippa (1995-2003).

Noton: The six by name Noton attended the school who may be the one family or perhaps two families, perhaps related. George William (1904-07) sent his son John (1941-45) who in turn sent his son Andrew (1974-79). William Anthony (1933-39) sent his son Nicholas Harwood (1953-63) who in turn sent his daughter Cara (1994-2001).

Rook: There were three brothers in the first generation - Michael (1924-29), the Olympic Three-day eventer Arthur Laurence (1931039) and Robert Brewill (1933-41). It was Michael who sent his son Michael John (1956-62) who in turn sent his two sons Michael C (1979-84) and Philip R.J. (1982-87).

Schanschieff: Nine by the name of Schanschieff have attended the school. Simon George (1949-57) sent his three sons – Christopher C (1982-87), Guy J (1979-84) and Nicholas M (1992-97). Christopher sent his son Thomas (2011-16) and Guy sent his children Florence Emily (2009-14), Charles (2011-16) and Hannah Madeline (2016- ).

Sills: Fourteen by the family name of Sills have attended the school, thirteen of whom are related. Four brothers were in the first wave – George Turner (1876-84), Frederick Caldwell (1883-90), Arthur (1885-93) and Ernest (1889-96) – along with their three cousins William (1877-83), Henry S (1878-83) and Edward (1878-85). The three generation family was that of Frederick Caldwell who sent his son Frederick Arthur (1915-22) who in turn sent his two boys Charles Frederick (1946-54) and Richard d’A (1958-62).

Smith: There have been very many by the name of Smith at the school, one hundred and seventy-eight by 2018-19, but only one family of three generations. Brian Anthony Frank (1943-54) did not send all his children to the school but only one of his daughters, Julia (1976-83), who sent her two children, Natalie (2003-10) and Richard Grundy (2003-08).

Westmoreland: Nine members of the Westmoreland family have attended the school. Brothers Kenneth George (1925-28), Alwyne John (1927-32) and Geoffrey Robert (1930-34) were the first wave; then Alwyne sent his sons John Keith (1952-61) and Jeremy Guy (1956-65). This was followed by his grandchildren: Keith’s children Richard (1988-95) and  Helen (1991-96) and Jeremy’s children Holly (1999-2007) and Guy (2001-06).

Whites: Forty-one by family name White have attended the school but only one three generational one: Willis Hillman (1924-32) sent his son Tom Hillman (1958-66) who in turn sent his three children - Harry John Hillman (1991-96),  Zoe (1978-94) and Christophe (1996-2001).

Wills: Seven by the name Wills have been Oakham students. Peter Jay (1934-38) sent his son Jonathan (1968-73 and on the staff 1980-2014 and part-time 2014-18) whose three children attended: Alexandra (1996-2004), Samuel (1999-2006) and Briony (2006-13).

A picture of the 1973 boys hockey team with Jon Willssitting on the front left.

Wilson: Wilson is another frequently appearing family name, there being sixty-one such students, but only one branch is three generational. Lynn Anthony 1949-57 sent his sons Nicholas (1980-84) and Giles (1982-87) and Nicholas sent his children Thomas Joseph (2009-14) and Amelia (2010-15).

Wright: Of the 59 by the name of Wright again only one family seems to be three generational. Richard (1948-55) sent his son Geoffrey (1974-82) who in turn sent his daughter Harriet (2011-16).

Please let us know if you have any memories of going to school with any of these families or indeed if you know of a three generational family that has been overlooked.

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