The Smallbone Library celebrates World Book Day!

The Smallbone Library celebrated World Book Day by launching a Short Story competition around this year’s theme of ‘Share a Story’.

Librarian and organiser of the event Miss Bernadette O’Hanlon tells us more:-

“In January, the Library launched a Short Story competition and not only were entries judged by a selected panel of judges but six entries were put up for a public vote. Here, the whole school community was encouraged to read all six stories (anonymous) and vote for their favourite.

World Book Day brought one final sharing of the stories, with each author reading their story in a lunchtime gathering. The standard of entries made judging a very difficult process, but the final decisions were announced after the readings.

The First Prize went to Konstantin (Form 7) for ‘Lion and Death’, which evoked such powerful emotion.

The Second Prize went to Sam for ‘Falling Stars’ (Form 6), which left readers struck by its vast and epic nature.

The Third Prize went to Hope for ‘Five lives’ (Form 1), which offered readers a fascinating concept that left them wanting more.

The Community Prize (judged by the public vote) went to Konstantin for the story that moved quite a few people to tears.

Book tokens were given to the prize winners so that other authors can share their stories with them.

The runners up each received two books to enjoy:  Riya (Form 1) whose story ‘Cured’ was a compelling read and  full of suspense; Scarlett (Form 1) presented a splendid personal story in ‘We shall remember’ and Raya (Form 3) built tension in her story ‘Just Me’.

We shall see what the theme of World Book Day next year brings!”

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