The Politics department welcome special guest speaker Mr Richard Elsden

The Politics department welcomed special guest speaker, Mr Richard Elsden on Wednesday who gave a lecture entitled ‘Lobbying in Reality’ to students in Forms 6 and 7.

Mr Richard Elsden is founding partner of 2015, a group that facilitates government relations for major companies. His talk provided an inside track on the reality of lobbying UK institutions from a human perspective, breaking down a lot of the preconceptions about the process

Teacher of Politics, Mr Joseph Sanders said “The talk was fantastic. The content was accessible yet deeply informative and covered key themes across the A-Level course including lobbying over Heathrow, nuclear power and the pasty tax.The students were highly receptive and asked insightful questions." 

Some of these questions, asked during the Q & A session that followed the lecture, included "what is the difference between past governments and their openness to lobbying from outside agencies?" and "what factors do groups need to consider to succeed?” 

Overall, it was a very interesting and illuminating seminar, which the students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed.

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