The Italian Job - Form 4 Project

Over two sunny June days, more reminiscent of Italy than the UK in 2019, 25 Form 4 Oakhamians took part in the Language and Business Challenge Project “The Italian Job”.

The brief was to market a region of Italy to tourists, making reference to local products and cultural features. Each team was required to invent a marketing character and poster (in Italian, of course), accompanied by a product which tourists would buy as a souvenir. This would then be advertised with a radio advert and a tweet, again in Italian.

The competition was judged and devised by Business Language Champions, who provided representatives from international businesses to judge both the material the teams produced and a final presentation, which explained the reasoning behind their choices. Although the competition was hot, the final winners were the Lombardy Team; James Weldon, Tom Davison, Danny Rumble, Daniel Mashonga and Sam Smith; who designed a very slickly marketed set of ski products branded with an excellently crafted mascot. It was a demanding and lengthy task and the panel were impressed by all the teams’ work.

During the project, there was an introduction to some Italian, which was mastered impressively by many, and a chance to explore the rich food and fashion of Italy. The visiting organisers were extremely impressed by the amount of Italian that the participants retained, which they said was unusually high in their considerable experience.

Many thanks to all the participants and also to the Modern Language Department, particularly Head of Italian, Mr Breag and Head of Languages, Mr Milner, who organised the two days.

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