The Great French Bake Off

To celebrate Pancake Day this year, 25 French Upper School students took part in a competition to produce the finest crêpes, testing their languages skills as well as their culinary creativity.

In teams of five, students followed the traditional French recipe, then selected what toppings to put on their creations. Finally they chose one of their teammates to represent them in the flipping competition.
French assistant, Marie Watteau, said: “We had an amazing range of sweet and savoury crêpes but our three chefs Will, Tom, and Ilya won the competition with a wonderful crêpe à l’orange et à la framboise.”
One of the winning participants, Ilya, commented: ‘After a disastrous start we managed to organise ourselves to grasp victory with our delicious orange and sugar sauce. The night was really amusing and challenging, as we had to interpret the French recipe and then make something extraordinary.’
The Great French Bake Off is one of many activities that Oakham’s Modern Languages Department organises to engage and inspire their pupils. Another recent activity saw Oakhamians successfully competing in a ‘Flair for Fashion’ languages competition.

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