The Gatekeepers of our Political Agenda

Form 6 Politics students were treated to an undergraduate-style lecture from Dr Justin Schlosberg of Birkbeck, University College London about the role the media plays in controlling our political agenda.

Teacher of Politics and International Relations Mr Joseph Sanders, tells us more:-

“Through various concepts such as the Gatekeeping and Agenda-Setting theories, and including ideas on different dimensions of control and coercion, Dr Schlosberg took a critical look at the impact newspapers and news outlets have on the way we see politicians and ideology. He implored Oakhamians to look at political issues and election campaigns more critically in order to discern the agendas of those behind the news. He also took some questions from the floor, including queries over the right and left wing divide in newspaper readership and the new forms of social media that influence voting behaviour. Students will find this talk incredibly useful during their contemporary studies of UK General Election case studies.”

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