Technology Tournament prize winners - three years running!

Oakham sent three teams from the Lower, Middle and Upper School to the annual Rotary Club of Leicester Technology Tournament, where the intermediate team emerged victorious with their winning design! This makes it three years in a row that Oakham teams have been prize winners at this event!

Calculated to test the pupils’ design and engineering skills, the challenge for all teams was to create a vehicle that was able to navigate and clear a pipeline of varying degrees of debris placed within a tube. The intermediate and advanced groups were further tasked with returning the vehicle, and in the seniors category they had the added difficulty of returning the debris.

The three teams also had to complete a design portfolio, create a logo and livery for the vehicle then set about manufacturing in a time period of just four and three quarter hours.

The Middle School team of Madeleine Parford, Annabel Bailey, Tor Gordon and Miles Thomas, performed exceptionally, completing the task well ahead of the time limit to add Oakham’s name onto the intermediate trophy for the second time in two years.

The Lower School team of Ella Warwick, Kate Popova, Matthew Nagel and Oliver Bunce, and the Upper School team of Daniel Timmerman, Suki Moss, Jacob Hardy-King and Lexi Smith also exhibited excellent knowledge and skill to complete the challenge set.

Thomas Banham, Teacher of Design and Technology said, “The pupils rose to the challenge magnificently and enjoyed pitting their wits against other local schools. This competition is always a great opportunity for them to work in teams and develop creative solutions to real world problems."

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