Sublime performance of English songs
Sublime performance of English songsSublime performance of English songs
11 November 2016
Dominic’s performance of a collection of English songs was simply sublime. His control and sheer musicality was just beautiful to behold, and I for one, was transported into an oasis of calm tranquillity as he sung beautiful song after beautiful song. That he also performed the whole recital from memory, also helped the feeling of connection between the music, the performer and the audience; simply wonderful.

Dominic’s baritone voice is full of richness and the calm that he achieved in both John Ireland’s Sea Fever and Ralph Vaughan William’s Silent Noon was delightful. Sandwiched between these two pieces was Roger Quilter’s Fear no more the heat o’ the sun and then Three Songs from George Butterworth’s A Shropshire Lad: Loveliest of Trees, When I was one and twenty and Is my team ploughing?

It was a real privilege to be able to hear and see a young musician perform with sure confidence and assuredness. A bright future awaits this young man.

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