Students work on 'real world' engineering issues

In conjunction with this year’s Engineering Education Scheme (EES), a group of Oakham students spent two days at Loughborough University building their first scale prototypes following months of research and design.

Local companies Mecc Alte, the world’s largest independent producer of alternators, and CBS Cables, a leading provider of equipment for the installation of cables, are sponsoring and collaborating with the teams on their projects, and were on hand at the university to give the teams advice and assistance.

CBS has challenged their group of students to create an assembly system for a bundle of disorganised cables. The solution also has to speed up assembly, increase waterproofing and reduce failure rates of the product, ultimately saving the company money. Mecc Alte needs help in the assembly and testing process for their rotors and statas. The team’s potential solution improves safety through technology and facilitates the testing process as a whole. 

During their two-day stay, students were also introduced to potential programmes of study at Loughborough University and were given talks on improving presentation skills.

Teacher of Design and Technology, Mary-Gwynedd Taylor, said, “The students enjoyed the University’s facilities and had a taste of what an education in education and design could be for them. The students are also enjoying working on ‘real world’ engineering issues.”

The students will present their final prototypes to the EES Judges in a competition that will be held in May 2019.

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