Students prepare for MUN conference in Bath

Oakham will send out a team of students next week to the International Model United Nations (MUN) conference in Bath, where they will be debating current global issues from an assigned country's viewpoint.

Each delegation is given a different UN member state, and they must try and represent that state to the best of their ability throughout the conference. Oakham students will be representing Austria and the twin island sovereign state, Trinidad and Tobago. The students will be debating pressing world problems whilst developing key skills such as negotiation, consensus building, dispute resolution, diplomacy and leadership. They will be discussing a range of issues including the political situation in Yemen, modern slavery, poaching in Africa, use of torture and many more current international issues.

The team has been extremely busy over the past few months preparing their debates for the conference. The student delegates hope to return with their resolutions passed and win one of the acclaimed ‘Best Delegate’ awards.

This prestigious MUN conference has attracted schools from all over the world and most of the 28 EU nations and our students are looking forward to meeting and mixing with their fellow international delegates.  

MUN is a hugely varied and enjoyable pursuit and the largest activity option in the Upper School with over 50 students taking part over the course of a year.

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