Students immerse themselves in Madrid life

Form 6 students of Spanish spent a fantastic weekend at the end of June soaking up the language and culture of Madrid, to help perfect their knowledge of the subject.
Over three days Oakham’s Hispanists took every opportunity to talk to locals and their teachers only in Spanish, whilst sampling the local food and visiting the major tourist attractions of Spain’s capital city.
Among the locations the students visited were the Museo Reina Sofia, home to Picasso’s masterpiece, ‘Guernica’, the Plaza España and Plaza Mayor. The students thoroughly enjoyed their experience of Madrid both by day and night, a particular highlight was watching a top rate Flamenco performance at Cardomomo.

?Here is just a sample of what the students had to say about the trip:

Hannah: “I feel a lot more confident with speaking, as I conversed a lot with the locals and had to think independently when ordering, asking directions, and buying things.”

Xavier: “My favourite part was the ability to speak to other Spanish students from Madrid.”

Jake: “I enjoyed learning all about Spanish culture and the Spanish way of life. The Flamenco dancing was an excellent experience.”

Camille: “I especially loved being out, walking around the main and back streets of Madrid and experiencing the way the city is like. I also loved being out in the Tapas Bars and eating all the amazing Spanish food.”

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