South Africa Sports Tour 2017


In July and August over 140 Oakhamians travelled the length and breadth of South Africa playing Rugby, Hockey and Netball on four different tours.
The teams trained and played challenging matches at both sea level and the high altitudes on the high veldt.
Mr James Bateman, director of Hockey said, “We saw a huge improvement in the students’ ability as a result of being able to concentrate solidly on their particular sport over the three weeks. It is incredibly beneficial for them to adapt to different environments and to play against different styles of play. This experience will be great preparation for the sporting season ahead”.
As well as sports fixtures, students had the opportunity to climb Table Mountain, surf, visit Seal Island, whale watch and sand board. They also went on spectacular game drives and managed to spot elephants, lions, hippos, wildebeest, rhinos, zebra, giraffes, ostrich and the iconic springbok. 
Everyone thoroughly enjoyed meeting the local school children and presented cheques to the charity Edu Nova supporting sport in the local schools. 
Billeting was also an important aspect of the trip, as it gave the students an insight into the culture and create friendships.
Mrs Peta Girdwood, Assistant Director of Sport (Girls) said, “This tour has been truly amazing, full of memories that will last us all a lifetime. A huge thank you to all the pupils for being such credit to the school”
Sports tours at Oakham are a a vital part of sports players’ development. Every three years, a major Sports Tour is organised, which is the School’s biggest trip on the calendar and a highlight for all those who embark upon it. 

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