Smallbone Library unveils stunning new centrepiece

The Smallbone Library has seen the installation of a beautiful, unique ‘tree of knowledge’, the concept of which is based on Biophilic Design.

Emerging from the recreational reading section in the Lower Library, leafy branches wreathe over the ground floor towards the informational reading area to mirror the readers’ own learning journey and the way they grow as learners.

Head Librarian Mr Darryl Toerien said, “The exciting installation draws on the science and style of Biophilic Design, which aims to bring elements of the natural world into educational spaces.  It provides a working/study environment that is more natural and positive, thereby helping students to be more productive.” Darryl continues, “The benefits of the design are numerous, and for educational spaces can include the reduction of stress, improvement of wellbeing as well as the increased ability to focus. The tree is truly remarkable and really needs to be seen to be believed.”


The Smallbone Library occupies a pivotal space in the intellectual and academic life of Oakham School and new and returning Oakhamians will be able to enjoy this innovative work-space from the start of the new academic year.

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