Sixth Formers Ella, Eddy, Alex and Vanessa attend CCAT Skiing Course in Bavaria

Further to Jemima’s account of her trip with the Cadet Centre for Adventure Training (CCAT) to Norway, sixth formers and CCF cadets Ella, Eddy, Alex and Vanessa attended a different course based in Bavaria, which concentrated on learning about winter mountain hazards and improving plough and parallel ski skills. 

Ella writes about their experience:

We stayed in a small town in Bavaria and every day we skied in other resorts nearby. It was exciting to have the opportunity to ski in different areas, and one day we even skied across the border to Austria. We were very lucky as the weather was so sunny and clear for most of the time. Later in the week we faced loads of snow and foggy conditions, which was fantastic for off -piste skiing with our instructor.

We were naturally nervous about attending a residential camp abroad, knowing very few people. However, I would recommend doing these courses as getting to know cadets our age from all around the UK is one of the highlights of the course. It is a great chance for the CCF cadets to meet like-minded people.

Even though there was a more relaxed atmosphere to the usual cadet courses, it was still an incredibly challenging week. The cadets of every level had around 6 hours training a day on the slopes during which we were pushed physically, and not always in the kindest conditions. On the first day we did a couple of test runs in order to put everyone into groups with a similar skill set. I was put into the intermediate skiing group in which there were six students. Everyone in my group was fun, and my ski instructor was highly experienced in both skiing and teaching, as well as being entertaining! It was a privilege to receive such a high level of coaching which is not always available in many civilian ski schools.

At the accommodation we relaxed and got to know all the cadets whilst playing cards, pool and table tennis. We also went to the local swimming pool one evening which was enjoyable; The food at the hotel was excellent and we could eat as much as we wanted after a full day of tough skiing. The experience as a whole was thoroughly positive and the challenging aspect of the adventure training made it a week to remember.

Without doubt I would recommend that every cadet take advantage of the great opportunities that both CCAT and other cadet courses have to offer. I have certainly made some close friends with whom I will keep in contact for a long time. My only regret is that I only signed up for my first course for my D of E residential in sixth form. I would love to be able to try loads of different courses, both to learn new skills and to have a great week away”.

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