School Photography Competition 2017 - Beginnings and Endings

Oakham School Creative iMedia Department recently ran the popular school photography competition. The theme was ‘Beginnings and Endings’, which was set by the Art Department and is the GCSE Art exam topic this year. 

The photographs were judged by Teacher of Creative iMedia, Mr Deane, and Mr Howe of Rutland Photographic and were assessed against the theme, their arresting content and technical quality.

Mr Deane said, “The response to the competition was excellent, and we had a huge number of entries. The standard of the photography was high with some truly creative ideas.”




Congratulations to all the winners listed below:

Lower School Competition

Winner: Izzy S – ‘Beginning and End’

Second: Amy – ‘Is it a Beginning or an Ending?’

Third: Izzy D – ‘Secret Pathway to Nowhere’

                                First                                                                              Second                                                                               Third

Middle School Competition

Winner: Joni – ‘Get Growing’

Second: Angelina – ‘Turning Point’

Third: Joe – ‘"It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light" – Aristotle’

Upper School Competition

Winner: Antonina – ‘Oppressed’

Second: Robert – ‘New Game’

Third: Stella – ‘Not quite "The End"’

Internal Inter-School Competition

Winner: Izzy – ‘Beginning and End’ (Form 2)

Second: Joni – ‘Get Growing’ (Form 4)

Third: Antonina – ‘Oppressed’ (Form 7)

Thank you to everyone for entering the competition. Keep taking those wonderful photographs!

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