Return to the Forbidden Planet

Fasten your seatbelts, set your ray guns to stun and prepare to blast off with Oakham’s talented actors in their rendition of the Olivier-award winning musical – Return to the Forbidden Planet!

“The students have been working extraordinarily hard to bring the adventures of Captain Tempest and his fearless crew to life,” says Director of Drama, Gilly Norell. “We really like to challenge our actors here at Oakham – and this ‘juke box’ musical with lots of audience participation certainly does that for these 13 year old students!”

The Oakhamians have certainly risen to the challenge though – and the four performances, from Tuesday to Friday night this week, are set to be ‘out of this world’!  

As well as some fantastic rock and roll hits, from Great Balls of Fire to Good Vibrations, there is an impressive intergalactic set, and an array of amazing monsters! To reserve tickets please email

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