Renowned author Matt Dickinson visits Oakham School

Author, film-maker and mountaineer Matt Dickinson visited Oakham School last week. 

Librarian Mrs Lucy Breag tells us more:

“This is the fourth year in a row that our Form 2 pupils have received a visit from Matt as the culmination of their time spent completing ‘The Everest Reading Challenge’. Matt spoke to them about many important topics, some of which added to the pupils’ classroom knowledge of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal or the effects on your body when climbing at altitude. He also made them think more broadly about the work of the Sherpas – who carry 80-100kg burdens for 100 miles in return for £8 a day – or of the opportunities that a passion for a particular subject, in his case mountaineering, can lead to.

Matt’s next audience was a collection of Year 4, 5 and 6 pupils from the local Primary Schools English Martyrs Primary School and Brooke Priory.  Having introduced these eager young minds to the squirrels in his new series of books – some of whom have an adventure on Everest in book two - Matt went on to challenge them to think about the dangers of visiting somewhere like Everest; about why people might want to visit a place like Everest; and what it might be like to spend ten weeks in that sort of environment.  The feedback from these pupils has been wonderful, although rather concerning for some parents whose children have now decided that climbing Everest is something they would like to do!

Matt’s final talk was to Oakham’s F3 pupils who all studied glaciation in Geography before half term.  He was able to really add to their knowledge through photographs, video clips and explanations from his own experience in this type of terrain, while helping them to consider the impact of humans, and of modern lifestyles, on the Himalayas and of the ways in which they, as future geographers, might be able to make a positive impact.”

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