Religion & Philosophy pupils visit Cambridge Buddhist Centre and Ely Cathedral

Form 5 Religion & Philosophy pupils visited Cambridge Buddhist Centre and Ely Cathedral this week as part of their GCSE course.

At the Buddhist Centre, they had the opportunity to discuss Buddhist philosophy and theology with three practising Buddhists, two of whom are ordained, and to ask questions about their beliefs and the impact their faith has on their daily life. They also took part in a meditation class which included some chanting in Sanskrit.

Religion & Philosophy students study Buddhism alongside Ethics in Form 4, and the group were able to demonstrate some very impressive knowledge to their Buddhist guides - so much so that the Centre leader even asked if they were available to teach his beginners class that evening!

They then spent the afternoon at Ely Cathedral learning about the Church, baptism and the life, beliefs and practices of Canon Jessica Martin, one of the Cathedral's residentiary canons. The Form 5 course is focussed on Christianity and Philosophy so this part of the day prepared them well for the next few months of study and they were able to gain a greater insight into Christianity.

Megan Fairley, Head of Religion & Philosophy says, 'Religion & Philosophy is an increasingly popular subject at Oakham School, with just over a third of the year group choosing to study it for GCSE. The excellent engagement shown by the students on this trip shows just how important and interesting the study of world faiths, philosophy and ethics is, and how immersion in someone else's world really can help us to better understand them'.


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