Rehearsals in full swing for Lord of the Flies

Rehearsals are in full swing for this year’s Middle School Production: Lord of the Flies.

The play brings alive William Golding’s classic novel, where a group of school children are marooned on a deserted island after a plane crash. It's another first for Oakham's Drama Department and the play certainly affords Oakham's actors the chance to showcase their skills - transitioning from well-behaved group of pupils, to murderous tribe.

This week, the cast set out to perfect their acting skills as they rehearsed on stage with props. With plenty of roles, there is a chance for the cast to shine, offering audiences a fascinating and thrilling insight into the behaviour, relationships and social interaction of the different characters.

The design team have also been working hard as the impressive plans came together this week - and there is certainly much to bring to life in Golding's land!  To truly bring island life to the stage, there may even be a chance for the pupils to learn some puppetry in their performances.

The production will take place at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre from Tuesday 6 March to Thursday 8 March. Tickets are available from Read more about our Drama Department and view photographs of our recent productions on our website.

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