Pupils mark 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

This week pupils studying German have been marking the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. 

Head of German, Mrs Phillipa Sykes, tells us more: -

 “Pupils have been learning about the division of Germany after WW2 into East Germany and West Germany and the reasons the wall was built in 1961. We have discussed the events in the 1980s that led to the fall of the wall and the reunification of Germany. Pupils have created their own Berlin Wall to graffiti and found out about life in the former GDR (German Democratic Republic - East Germany).

Perhaps, more importantly, they have reflected on the fact that any barriers we put up to impede freedom we can break down, and that the Berlin of 2019 is a city known for its tolerance, individuality and opportunity.”

Pupils can begin studying German in Form 2 and take the subject right through to A-level and the International Baccalaureate. To develop cultural and linguistic knowledge beyond the classroom, the German Department runs Middle School trips to Munich and in Form 3 there is an exchange program with the Werner Heisenberg Gymnasium in Weinheim, Germany.

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