Pupils have a 'cracking' time on Mad Maths morning!

Oakham School’s annual Mad Maths morning is always a highlight for Form 1 and this year was no exception. All 74 Form 1 pupils worked together in mixed teams and used their maths skills to solve four challenges, blending teamwork, logic and fun. They also learned some valuable lessons about how Maths can be applied in real life situations in the process.

The ‘Estimation Challenge’ saw pupils use their powers of deduction to work out the lengths, weights and areas of a variety of everyday objects. This included measuring their height in straws and guessing how many pages are in the Harry Potter novel The Goblet of Fire.

The ‘Maths Relay’ saw pupils testing their logical and mathematical knowledge through a series of questions. The activity was designed as a relay, where students could only move on to the second question by either answering the first question correctly or passing.

Our ‘Code Breaking’ teams were tasked with the fictitious scenario of uncovering the culprit who had hit Mr Harvey with a tennis ball. This ‘Guess Who’ style challenge became even more intense with every question giving fewer clues and testing the pupils’ understanding of coding.

The fourth and possibly noisiest challenge involved the design and manufacture of a small vehicle with parachute to stop an egg cracking when dropped from the Lower School balcony. Teams also had to use budgeting skills in order to ‘buy’ materials for the design, such as newspaper for the parachute, string, bubble wrap and plastic cups for the basket. As expected, when dropped from the balcony, there were quite a few breakages, but generally teams managed to keep their eggs intact!

The most successful teams were those that combined good mathematical skills with great teamwork and effective communication. 

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