Pupils enter Otterbox Design competition

Pupils in Forms 1 to 7 have recently entered the Otterbox Design competition, the results of which have yet to be announced. Otterbox designs and sells stylish smartphone protective cases as well as other accessories, and the pupils’ brief was to help expand their product line-up for children.

Undergraduate Design Fellow, Lauren Day, tells us more:-

“The competition gives the pupils a further opportunity to design products, allowing them to hone their skills and improve as designers; crucial for anyone wishing to pursue a career in design.

A particularly important factor in this project is that it helps pupils to build up a portfolio of work especially for those who wish to go to university to study Design. The project shows their passion for the subject and that they are actively completing design work outside the school curriculum. Moreover, the pupils worked on their entries over the summer holidays, which gave them time to make a prototype and analyse their products.

Upon reviewing their work I was very impressed with the high standard and in-depth research that was clearly demonstrated by all pupils, with many high-quality designs generated in the ideation stage which carried through to design development.

Many pupils then made a prototype of their final design to give a realistic representation of how the product would be used and interact with the end user. I was particularly impressed with this aspect which included some of the pupils using CAD software for modelling as well. Overall, amazing work submitted by dedicated and hardworking pupils which will benefit them greatly in their academic career.”

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