Pupils celebrate Francophone Day!

On Wednesday 20 March, Francophone Day, Oakham School joined French speakers around the world in celebrating the French language and culture.

Teacher of French Mrs Celine Ward tells us more:-

“To honour the day, the French Department organised fun activities for each year group:

  • Form 1 took part in craft activities around North African symbols (Tagine pots, Henna tattoos and the hand of Fatima)
  • Form 2 created some menus in French that were displayed in the Barraclough (Oakham School Dining Hall)
  • Form 3 and above enjoyed quizzes and French songs.

The Barraclough Dining Hall was also beautifully decorated and the Barraclough staff had prepared some delicious French meals as well as dishes from other Francophone countries.

Many thanks to everyone who helped on the day, especially the Barraclough staff."



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